Paul Fitchett

photo of Paul Fitchett
Dean's Office
Assistant Dean of Teaching and Innovation & Professor
COED 210

Paul Fitchett is Assistant Dean of Teaching and Innovation and Professor in the Cato College of Education. He currently oversees revisions and other initiatives across the college’s various teacher education programs. His research interests include the intersections of education policy, teacher working conditions, and student learning outcomes with an emphasis on the social studies. Dr. Fitchett’s research has been featured in Theory & Research in Social Education, Educational Policy, Teacher’s College Record, and Teaching and Teacher Education.

Curriculum Vita

Sample Publications

Fitchett, P.G. & Meuwissen, K. (Eds.) (2018). Social Studies in the New Education Policy Era: Conversations on Purposes, Perspectives, and Practices. New York: Routledge.

Fitchett, P.G., King, E., Fisher, T., Coffey, H., & Harden, S. (2018). Building program coherence and the (un)intentional clinical experiences for first-semester preservice teachers. Action in Teacher Education. 40(3), 319-335.

Fitchett, P.G. & Heafner, T.L. (2018) Quality teaching or teaching quality: Social studies teachers’ professional characteristics and classroom instruction as predictors of U.S. history achievement. Research in Middle Level Education (RMLE) Online, 41(9), 1-17.

Fitchett, P. G., McCarthy, C. J., Lambert, R. G., & Boyle, L. (2018). An examination of US first-year teachers’ risk for occupational stress: associations with professional preparation and occupational health. Teachers and Teaching, 24(2), 99-118.

Fitchett, P. G., & Heafner, T. L. (2017). Student demographics and teacher characteristics as predictors of elementary-age students' history knowledge: Implications for teacher education and practice. Teaching and Teacher Education, 67, 79-92.

Fitchett, P.G., Heafner, T.L. & Lambert, R.G. (2014).  Assessment, autonomy, and social studies instructional time. Teachers College Record, 116(10), 1-34.

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