Alumna Builds Momentum for Biomanufacturing Careers Nationwide

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Alumna Dr. Pamela Mims is joining a team of researchers expanding access and interest in biomanufacturing careers nationwide.

The Greenville Sun

Government, business and education leaders across the United States are working collaboratively to make clear to high school students and others that bio industrial manufacturing is a career path open to all.

Dr. Pamela Mims is one of several at East Tennessee State University powering this national endeavor, the university said in a news release.

“We knew this movement was happening, and we knew it would be a huge area of job development in the future,” said Mims, a professor and associate dean of Research and Grants in the Clemmer College. “We also knew we needed to prepare students graduating from ETSU to fill these jobs.”

The $558,432 project, funded by BioMADE in collaboration with Dr. Natalie Kuldell from BioBuilder and other partners from Ars Biotechnica and Daicel Arbor Biosciences, aims to build momentum for biomanufacturing careers nationwide, particularly in rural and urban high schools. ETSU is working with schools in rural and urban regions in Tennessee that are implementing BioBuilder clubs to research the effect of the clubs on learning of synthetic biology concepts and interest in pursuing a college pathway in synthetic biology.

Mims is the principal investigator for the grant at ETSU, meaning she will help prepare, conduct and administer the project. She will work closely with her counterparts at BioBuilder, Ars Biotechnica and Daicel Arbor Biosciences to fulfill the aims of the grant.

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