Graduate Certificate Programs

Graduate certificates

Teaching (Initial Licensure)

These programs lead to an initial teaching license. They are ideal for individuals who have a bachelor’s degree in another area and are interested in a career in education.

*Due to limited availability of internship sites, candidates seeking licensure in these languages must be residency teachers and complete the internship in their own classrooms.

Teaching (Add-On Licensure)

These programs are for individuals who have a teaching license and a bachelor’s degree and would like to add an area to their current teaching license.

*Individuals do not have to have a teaching license in order to pursue this graduate certificate, but if they do, they can receive the 079 special endorsement.


Instructional Coaching

School Administration

Advanced Literacy Instruction & Intervention

Non-Teaching Areas

These programs are for individuals who are interested in learning about a specific topic or expanding their knowledge base that will assist them in furthering their career.

*Must have Master’s degree in counseling, social work, or psychology