Apply to be a Faculty Fellow

2019-2020 Faculty Fellows Program

The deadline for submitting applications and all supporting materials for the 2019-2020 fellowship positions is March 25, 2019. The Faculty Fellows task force will serve as the selection committee and will review, interview (if needed), and make recommendations to the Dean. All decisions will be announced April 25, 2019 at the COED faculty meeting. The first meeting of the Faculty Fellows will be in August 2019 (convened by the Associate Dean).

To apply, please submit the following information to Barbara Howard at no later than March 25, 2019. All documents should be in PDF format except for the picture which should be in PNG or JPEG format.

  1. A cover page that includes your name, title of the project, and the area (teaching, engagement, or diversity) for which you are applying.
  2. A one-to-two page letter that describes your Capacity, Implementation, Predicted Impact, and Plan for Dissemination of your project (please use these headers in your narrative):
    1. Capacity: Describe your capacity to carry out the project for which you are applying, including your accomplishments in teaching, research, and service.
    2. Implementation: Describe how you plan to implement the project.
    3. Predicted Impact: Describe how the proposed project or initiative might impact the college or community. Include your intended timeframe for the project (one year)
    4. Plan for Dissemination: Describe your method of dissemination and the tangible product of this work.
    5. Any additional information that you believe would be helpful to the selection committee.
  3. A supporting letter from your chair that addresses how the fellowship will contribute to your career development and its potential to enhance the learning and professional development of peers, students, and the greater community.
  4. A current curriculum vitae.
  5. A short bio AND a current photo (headshot) for use on the College website.