Department of Reading and Elementary Education (REEL)

Name Job Title Phone Email
Kirsten Abel Clinical Assistant Professor 704-687-8889
Daniel Alston Associate Professor 704-687-8898
Ian Binns Associate Professor | Program Director (Elementary Education Undergraduate Program) 704-687-8898
Erik Byker Associate Professor 704-687-8898
Anne Cash Assistant Professor 704-687-8893
Madelyn Colonnese Assistant Professor 704-687-8889
Karen Cross Clinical Associate Professor & Program Director (Elementary Education Graduate Certificate in Teaching) 704-687-8893
Debra Diegmann Lecturer 704-687-8893
Mitchell Eisner Clinical Assistant Professor 704-687-8898
Miranda Fitzgerald Assistant Professor 704-687-8893
Tehia Glass Professor Elementary Education and Educational Psychology |Anti-Racism in Urban Education Certificate Program Director | Cato College of Education Director of Diversity and Inclusion 704-687-8889
Amy Good Associate Professor 704-687-8893
Kia Jones Lecturer | Undergraduate Advisor 704-687-1719
Alicia Stewart Kitten Assistant Professor
Chrislyn Luce Clinical Associate Professor | Program Director (Elementary Education MAT & MEd) 704-687-8898
Sharon McWhirter Office Manager 704-687-8891
Adriana Medina Associate Professor 704-687-8889
Erin Miller Associate Professor | Coordinator of Ph.D. Strand of Reading 704-687-8898