Faculty Fellows: Dr. Chuang Wang

Engaging Students in Research Activities

To engage College of Education graduate students in research activities and to help them with conference presentations and publications, I will provide two face‐to‐face meetings every month during the academic year with graduate students in the college. During these meetings, I will ask each student to present their research topic and challenges. I will give them suggestions and provide technical support, e.g., using statistical software and interpreting the outcomes, to help them complete their research projects. I will also give them advice on manuscript writing and submission for publications. In addition to these face‐to‐face meetings, I will also host four symposiums for graduate students in the college during the academic year so that students can present their research to colleagues and receive feedback from them. This symposium will help the students practice their presentation skills. It would be ideal for students to present their paper accepted for national conferences (e.g., AERA) in these symposiums as a rehearsal and receive feedback from me and other faculty and students. These symposiums will also facilitate the interdisciplinary collaborations between students from various programs in the college.