Committee for Equity, Justice, and Belonging

UNC Charlotte’s Cato College of Education (CCOED) Committee for Equity, Justice, and Belonging (C4EJB) is an action-oriented group of CCOED faculty, staff, and students. We support the disruption of inequity in and beyond our college through (a) the development of equity and social justice initiatives, (b) the facilitation of critical discourse in research, teaching, and service, (c) persistent attention to equitable recruitment, representation, retention, and advancement of faculty, staff, students, and administrators across multiple lenses of diversity, and (d) actionable insight on policies (e.g., Reappointment-Promotion-Tenure [RPT], Workload, Professional Dispositions), recruitment/hiring, and curriculum. In addition, C4EJB is dedicated to the creation of an environment where faculty, staff, students, administrators, and the broader university community feel not only included, but also a sense of belonging in CCOED and are honored, affirmed, and respected, particularly if they are members of groups who have historically experienced minoritization, marginalization, and/or isolation. This mission statement relies on meanings that are reflections of our best understandings from the scholarly field at this time; however, we recognize that definitions are fluid, ever-expanding, and contested.