Dr. Tuba Gezer was selected as the 2022 Legacy for Leadership Award winner in the Department of Educational Leadership.

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Dr. Gezer was a 2021 graduate of the Ph.D. in Educational, Research, Measurement, and Evaluation. The award recognizes outstanding academic performance for a doctoral dissertation successfully defended during the previous academic.

Dr. Gezer’s winning dissertation “Providing Equal Access to English Learners in Educational Settings” is about providing equal educational opportunities to English learners in the United States. The study was chaired by Dr. Claudia Flowers and committee members Dr. Rich Lambert, Dr. Stella Kim, and Dr. Valerie Mazzotti.

Dr. Gezer is a postdoctoral Fellow at Institute for Education Policy at Johns Hopkins University. She is a part of the research team at the institute, and her role is to conduct both qualitative and quantitative research. Some current projects are Acceleration with Baltimore School District and New Education Workforce with Arizona State University. She will join Ohio State University as a postdoctoral fellow in The College of Education and Human Ecology in August 2022.