Research Application Fees

Occasionally, organizations (e.g, school districts) charge an administrative fee to review applications to conduct research involving their students and/or employees. To support faculty and staff in the Cato College of Education in their efforts to conduct research, a small pool of funds is set aside each year to cover these administrative costs.  Note that these funds are not available to support students, but are available to all faculty (tenure-eligible and clinical) and staff who wish to conduct research. Since many organizations require the application fee be paid via a mailed-in check before an application will be reviewed, and don’t accept credit card payments, faculty will be reimbursed upon providing the appropriate documentation (i.e., receipt). To ensure that this pool of funds supports as many faculty members as possible each year (i.e., July 1 – June 30), an individual can request reimbursement for no more than $200 in annual funding to cover research application fees. To apply for funding to cover research application fees, please complete the following form. You will be notified by the Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Education once a funding decision has been made.