In line with the University’s mission to be a top tier (R1) research institution, the Cato College of Education, in many ways, already performs like a college at an R1 institution. The customized radar graph below speaks to the research productivity of faculty in the Cato College of Education in comparison with faculty in colleges of education at public R1 institutions across the country. As illustrated in the graph, our faculty are performing extremely well. For example, with respect to the total number of published articles, we are performing at the 80th percentile. In other words, we are performing as well, or better than 80 out of every 100 colleges of education at public R1 institutions. With respect to faculty with a published book, we are at the 90th percentile. Equally impressive, in 2021-2022, faculty and staff in the Cato College of Education received $14,084,267 in external funding spread across 42 awards, the largest amount of external funding received by any college on campus that year. In 2022-2023, we brought in over $11 million in external funding.

Peer Groups: Public Doctoral Universities: Very High Research Activity