Mebane Early Literacy Center

Professor Paola Pilonieta reading with elementary students


Develop highly effective and ethical literacy professionals who prepare children for life through literacy and positively impact the people and organizations they serve in urban, rural, and other diverse settings.


Serve as a catalyst and leader for literacy innovation in teacher development, research, and community outreach, with a focus on educational equity through excellence and engagement.


  • Inform and drive practice, curriculum, and research to educate teacher candidates to teach reading and writing skills to pre-K to 5th grade students.
  • Provide in-service teachers in North Carolina with professional development and support for education in early childhood literacy.
  • Fund outreach in Early Childhood Literacy programs in North Carolina, delivered through a variety of methods by both teacher candidates and in-service teachers, all while partnering with and leveraging the expertise of college faculty that focuses on early childhood literacy.
  • Fund scholarships for those students who actively participate in early childhood literacy outreach programs during their time in college and who also demonstrate a desire to continue that path after graduation as full time in service teacher.
  • Fund professorships for leading scholars and faculty in the field of early childhood literacy

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