Faculty Fellow: Dr. Clare Merlin-Knoblich

photo of Clare Merlin-Knoblich
Clare Merlin-Knoblich

Project Description

Supporting Flipped Learning Practices in the Cato College of Education

As a Teaching Faculty Fellow, my goal is to enhance and support flipped learning efforts among colleagues in the Cato College of Education. Flipped learning is a teaching approach in which instructors deliver content to students outside of class, then engage in activities in class to apply, understand, and synthesize content. My project revolves around three phases of implementation: a) large-group educational workshops, b) individual consultation, and c) small group research support. During the first phase, colleagues new to flipped learning will be able to participate in an introductory workshop to learn the history, theoretical underpinnings, and basic guidance in beginning flipped learning in the classroom. Those already familiar with this teaching approach can participate in a more advanced workshop that offers advanced tools for flipped courses, recommendations for class activities, and guided support for flipping specific courses. During the second phase, I will provide individual consultation with colleagues to support and guide their efforts to incorporate flipped learning into their coursework. Lastly, my project will include facilitating flipped learning research through small research support groups, assisting with the design of flipped learning studies, and collecting research on their flipped learning efforts. Ultimately, this project will lead to more strongly engaged and educated students within the College, and to more connected instructors, who feel empowered and supported to embrace flipped learning in order to more effectively engage their students in the quest for better learning for all.


Clare Merlin-Knoblich, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Counseling in the Cato College of Education. One of her primary academic interests is flipped learning, a teaching approach in which students view pre-recorded video lectures outside the classroom, then engage solely in application-based activities inside the classroom. Clare has led three research studies on flipped learning in counselor education and conducted six state and national conference presentations about the topic. She enjoys flipping her own counseling courses, as well as mentoring colleagues and doctoral students about implementing the innovative teaching approach.