Faculty Responsibilities – Mentoring

All new faculty in the College of Education are assigned a Mentor by their department chair, in consultation with the new faculty member.

Among the responsibilities of Mentors are these:

  1. Active participation in the Peer Observation of Teaching Process as outlined in the POT document.
  2. Orientation to office procedures/access to resources.
  3. Orientation to the Office Hours expectation of a minimum of 6 hours per week in the office and available to students.
  4. Review of the “expectations for syllabi” handout in this Handbook, with support for faculty members in identifying appropriate links to standards and the Conceptual Framework.
  5. Coaching about common assignments/ products/ rubrics in assigned courses.
  6. Coaching about how to build in/ manage the field experience components of the assigned courses.
  7. Provide overview of advising processes, issues, and concerns.
  8. Provide assistance in generating research and service agendas and making appropriate linkages with colleagues within and outside the College.
  9. Invitations to key events, including convocations, College of Education meetings, Bank of America gala celebrating teaching at UNC Charlotte.
  10. General personal/ professional support.

In addition to one-on-one mentoring, group mentoring activities are scheduled throughout the year.

For tenure-track faculty in the first year, two required group mentoring activities are:

  • Introduction to Peer Observation of Teaching Requirements
  • Orientation to the Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure Process in the College of Education at UNC Charlotte

New faculty are encouraged to participate in University activities designed to welcome and support new faculty at UNC Charlotte.

For more information: UNC Charlotte Faculty Mentoring

Updated July 2012