• Select books on topics in which your child has a strong interest. For example, if your little one loves trucks, find books with a truck theme. Fiction and non-fiction books are good to read to this age as long as they are not too long or complicated.
  • Don’t worry if your toddler won’t sit still for very long. This is normal for many toddlers. Read to her anyway! She can listen while she is wiggling around or doing something else.
  • Sing songs, read rhymes, and continue to talk to your child all the time! Ask questions, point things out, and respond to them with active listening when they speak to you. Answer their 1001 questions. That language is really starting to explode at this age!
  • Read the same books over and over if your child asks you to. Repetition is very good for their language development and their beginning to understand pattern in books, how books work, and memorization.
  • Read books with characters that explore different emotions and feelings. Toddlerhood can be a challenging time for youngsters as they are trying to learn how to be independent and express their strong desires and needs. Books can be a way to explore and label those emotions.