TFA Alumni Stories

TFA Graudates' Career Pathways

From 2014 Graduate Debra: “I serve as a Senior Business Associate for an education consulting group. While I no longer work with elementary students, I still leverage my knowledge of curriculum development and assessment development that I picked up while pursuing my Masters at UNC Charlotte-TFA partnership I gained an amazing cohort of fellow TFA graduate students along with an encouraging team of education professionals from the UNC Charlotte faculty. I applied to the UNC Charlotte-TFA program for the degree and certification but came out of the program with so much more. UNC Charlotte-TFA has served as a champion of my classroom endeavors, provided grants that create opportunities for my students, lauded my achievements and continue their outreach even beyond my graduation. Though the workload can be strenuous on top of teaching full time, the community makes it worth it.”

From 2014 Graduate Laura:I am still teaching but am considering transferring to the non-profit sector (companies involved in education/education equality) next year. I liked taking classes at UNC Charlotte during my TFA experience because it was an additional support system. Not only was I receiving help on how to become a better teacher, but I was also building an education-based professional network with the professors. I knew that I would be able to reach out to them with any specific issues I was having in my classroom and they would provide me with support. Even though TFA provides you with a lot of support and resources, it was nice to have an additional (content specific!) source to receive information about teaching from. I would highly recommend the certification program to all incoming TFA corps members.”

From 2014 Graduate Haley:I am still teaching, and have also been accepted into a Master’s in Public Policy program. I have positive things to say about the program at UNC Charlotte. The subsidized cost for TFA corps members made the program feasible for me. Additionally, the expectations were practical for teachers who are currently teaching full time.”

From 2014 Graduate Grace:I’m currently teaching 5th grade science. The UNC Charlotte-TFA partnership program was very straightforward and easy to complete while simultaneously teaching.”