• Hold your baby close while you read stories to her. Literacy starts within a responsive, loving relationship and helps build your baby’s trust and confidence.
  • Point to the pictures and watch for your baby’s reaction. If he smiles, coos, or slaps at the page, that’s a sign of his interest. Keep that exchange going!
  • Change your tone of voice to match the pictures or words on the page. For example, if there is a picture of a cow, make the “Moooo!” sound. Whisper on some pages, and use an excited voice on others. This will help encourage and maintain your baby’s interest.
  • Choose books that your baby can touch and use himself. Books that will fit in his hands and that are made of sturdy cloth or cardboard can take the mouthing and banging that babies will do.
  • Talk to your baby all day long! The more we talk to our infant, point things out to her, and ask questions, the more she will learn about language and how it works. And, by all means, when she gurgles, coos, and babbles, talk back to her! That’s her way of “talking” to you.