Reporting Responsibilities

  • The Faculty Annual Report is due to Department Chairs by April 15 of each academic year. This report provides the basis for the annual review of faculty members for salary improvement. Additionally, these reports provide the data for the Department’s and College’s annual reports of faculty achievement. You will receive electronic copies and are asked to submit your report electronically to your chair.

A revision of the Faculty Annual Report was instituted in 2008 to collect information from the faculty about extended collaborative service to public schools and its impact. Evidence of support for public schools is required annually from all Colleges of Education in a report to the State Board of Education. Please review this section (Part IV) of the report carefully and plan to submit relevant data if you are engaged in systematic service efforts to public schools.

  • Helpful hint: Some faculty members have found it helpful to keep a running record of their accomplishments as they occur during the academic year (e.g., publications, conference presentations) so that it becomes a simple matter to finalize the report and submit it on April 15.
  • All faculty who teach methods courses in teaching, school counseling, or educational leadership and/or provide clinical supervision in those fields are required to have appropriate licensure from the NC Department of Public Instruction. Guidelines for license renewal are available in TEALR. Questions? Contact Kevin Parsons in TEALR.

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte requires several reports from faculty members during the year. Here are some reminders:

  • External Professional Activities of Faculty and Other Professional Staff Exempt from the State Personnel Act (Policy Statement #1). This report will be distributed and collected by Department Chairs early in the Fall semester.
  • Conflicts of Interest and Commitment (Policy Statement #11). This report will also be distributed and collected by Department Chairs early in the fall semester.

These and other University policy statements may be reviewed at University Policies.

  • Institutional Review for Research with Human Subjects. All research projects by faculty and students involving the use of human subjects must be reviewed and approved in advance by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). IRB/ Human Subjects website

For twelve-month faculty only:

  • Faculty on twelve-month contracts are required to submit Application for Leave forms for days away from the office for vacation and/or for illness. Questions? Contact your Department Chair or Office Manager.