Peer Observation of Teaching Procedures

UNC Charlotte Cato College of Education Guidelines for Peer Observation

  1. The peer observation coordinator manages all activities required in the peer observation process.
    Peer Observation Coordinator
  2. Peer observations in the Cato College of Education include both formative and summative procedures. Each set of procedures is described here.
    Peer Observation Procedures
    1. Tenure Eligible Faculty
    2. Clinical Faculty
    3. University Supervisors
    4. Part-time Faculty
  3. This documentation form will allow you to record, schedule, and document your process. KEEP THIS FORM. It is suggested to print and copy on color paper. This form will require dates and signatures. This form will be shared during faculty annual review process. Work closely with your supervisor or chair.
    Peer Observation Documentation
    1. Tenure Eligible Faculty
    2. Clinical Faculty
    3. University Supervisors
    4. Part-time Faculty
  4. In years two, three and four, the tenure-eligible faculty member is responsible for designing and implementing a Teaching Enhancement Plan (TEP) in order to focus the process of formative observations (See Peer Observation Schedule and Documentation Form and the Teaching Enhancement Plan Form).
    Teaching Enhancement Plan
    University Supervisor Enhancement Plan
  5. The following is the most current list of peer observers, who serve. They know this is a supportive process and serve as peer observers, not evaluators.
    Peer Observers (TOT)

Scroll below to find Observation Forms. Please choose the appropriate form for your observation and bring to the pre-observation meeting.

Observation Guides

  1. Indirect Instruction Observation Guide
  2. Direct Instruction Observation Guide
  3. Online Asynchronous Observation Guide (word document)
  4. Lecture Observation Guide (word document)
  5. Discussion Observation Guide (word document)
  6. Online Synchronous Indirect Instruction Observation Guide (word document)
  7. Synchronous Online Direct Instruction Observation Guide (word document)
  8. University Supervisor Summative Evaluation Guide
  9. University Supervisor Peer Evaluation Guide